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Tax Lien Certificates

Learn All About Earning Huge Profits and 16% to 25% Interest by Investing in Safe, Secured, Government Sponsored Tax Lien and Tax Deed Certificates

Why earn only low bank interest on your hard earned moneys, when you can earn 24% return and more, by buying a Tax Lien Certificate, Real Estate secured return.

Depending on the location of the property, you can receive up to 16%, 18%, 24% and even more on your money.

Don't ask your Broker, they can't make a commission

Anyone can do it with as little as $200.00. The liens are all different prices, depending on the amount of the tax lien.

You can even, (a small percent of the time), end up owning the property

You will learn how to buy by mail.

You will learn what not to do, and the dangers of buying a Certificate through the mail.

You will see detailed instructions, on how to bid, and the rules of bidding.

You will learn how to keep from making BIG mistakes.

The ends and outs to get started NOW. (Step 1,2,3, etc.)

Addresses and phone numbers for all Counties known to us, in the 50 States.

You will learn how much to pay. (Some are "worthless" properties, or the tax liens are to high in proportion to the properties).

Extra Added Bonuses include...

You will get access to our Web Site of   "clickable links" where you'll be able to access information pages and databases of hundreds of tax lien and tax deed sales across the U.S.
Other online pirates have tried to copy and knock off our information for years, but you'll soon discover that our information has been written and compiled by TAX LIEN EXPERTS that have actually attended hundreds of tax sales and collectively purchased THOUSANDS of tax liens and deeds.

Free updates - We are Constantly Updating!
Unlike books, tapes, and instructional courses, (which we also sell!) our web sites are constantly updated with new and updated information. If a phone number or address changes, you will have it, available instantly, online!
You'll also be able to download entire books and special reports in ADOBE PDF format, (or read them on your browser).  Much of this information is the same as in our HIGH END Tax Lien Packages costing hundreds of dollars!

Do all States have Tax Lien Sales?
Absolutely not. There a currently over 30 States that do, Other States have a Tax Defaulted Sale, which means that you are buying the property at the sale.
Some states offer a period of redemption after these Tax Defaulted Sales, for the past owner to reclaim their property, and some do not. This is where some confusion comes into play. For example, Texas pays 25% penalty during this 6 month period if it is reclaimed, but this is not a TLC.
California does not offer TLC's, but they have Tax Defaulted Sales. with no redemption period. I have received a lot of e-mail recently, asking about this, so I hope that this helps to clarify this.

What else does it contain?
The information, and linkable information found on this protected web site, has taken extensive time, and research, both on the internet and the library systems.
You'll Also find a summary of the information that we have found. This will help you decide if this is for you, or not. It contains all of the negative information that we could find on this subject. We believe that you should have both sides to the story, not just the positive one to sell you a course.
An update to new links, and information that we periodically find.
Links to other ways to invest.
A link to:
Addresses and phone numbers of all counties known to us in the 50 States, Who to contact, and how to get on the mailing list, (if available). This information alone, is worth more than the price of this offer.
Numerous, but not all, auction dates, locations, contacts, statutes, property databases of the properties involved in TLC's and tax defaulted properties, for some states
How to buy TLC's by mail, and also TLC investment groups
Interest rates offered.
What percent are redeemed in the first 6 months ? 1 year ? 3 years ? Etc.
Bidding rules, instructions, procedures, and laws, from some TLC, and tax deed states.
And Much, Much, More:
Including the name of a national guide to county and city agencies, where tax liens are recorded, and other books on this subject, including authors, prices, where you can get them, what they contain, and where you can look at some for free. 
I've also seen Tax Lien programs on TV for sale for almost $200.  How does this information compare?
Our online information website has contributions from leading tax lien authorities  including, John Beck, Ted Thomas, Dave Bancroft, Mark Stevenson, Tony Martinez and Mark Gonsalves.  We've been actively educating investors about tax liens for almost 10 years!  In fact, we've also produced much of the training material for the people mentioned above!

What about "County Phone and Sale Lists"?  I've seen other web sites selling email lists of sales and phone numbers for $10 to $50 per state or county!  That seems like it would be a huge expense just for the phone numbers.

 We INCLUDE the NAMES, ADDRESSES and PHONE NUMBERS for EVERY COUNTY in EVERY STATE!  (Lien States and DEED States!) There's no reason to pay extra for this information.  You can download a complete LIEN and DEED directory in a convenient ebook format and print it out yourself!  We include this FREE as an extra bonus!

If All You Need Is the Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers and Websites of County Courthouses and Public Officials,


There is no reason to Pay $10 or more, per state or county, for a list you can get here, FREE!

As for individual county sale catalogs, it would be nearly impossible to keep track and try to post the tens of thousands of sales each year, but all you have to do is choose a state and county, and call, fax, email or visit their web site for the sale information or catalog.  Usually, if a county does a have a fee for a printed sale catalog, it will be much less than a private web site will charge.  We also include links for many county's web sites.  In fact, there are FREE LINKS for just about every county in the U.S.!
(Some other sites charge up to $50.00 to get into their "Members Only" site to access these links.)

What's the catch?
There's no catch.  We've trained tens of thousands of first time tax lien investors with our programs for almost 10 years.  We have a NO HASSLE 30 day money back guarantee!  In fact, make it a 90 Day NO HASSLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!
The only way you can lose is if you get this valuable information and do nothing with it!


It seems that every week a new "Tax Lien Guru" pops up with their "new and improved" book or web site.

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You'll see first hand how easy it is, and you'll watch ordinary people bid and buy certificates at a county tax lien sale.

Also included are interviews with the GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS who run the sale, and actual investors who have purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars of Tax Liens at county sales!

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